About UMI


UMI (Urban Ministries, Inc.) is the largest independent, African American-owned and-operated Christian media company. We publish Christian education resources, including Bible studies, Sunday School and Vacation Bible School curriculum, books, movies, and websites designed for African American churches and individuals seeking a Christ-centered perspective on faith and life issues.

Our Vision

The vision of UMI is to see the growing global church in the African diaspora have culturally relevant resources to evangelize, disciple, and equip people for Kingdom impact.

Our Why

UMI was started to meet the need for Christian education resources that spoke to the lives and aspirations of African Americans. At its founding in 1970, Blacks were struggling for civil rights in a nation which claimed to be a nation under God but failed to live according to biblical principles of love, humility, mercy, and justice. Racial injustice, legally enforced segregation, denial of human rights, property rights, and voting rights all took place in a country that claimed to be Christian. They had created an industry of Christian products and services where all images and all references to Christ and His Kingdom were European while Blacks and other people of color were absent or if portrayed at all, were shown or written about in derogatory or negative ways. UMI products and services changed that.